“Who the **** are you? Alien? Creature from a cosmic dimension? Fraser, this is brilliant! Clearly my best purchase since a very long time. I’m in shock! Bravo” Stephane Maniset

“I have always taken a keen interest in the development of new linguistic tools wihin the field of Mentalism. In this regard Fraser is offering a fresh tool that I am very excited to start playing with!” Michael Murray

“Fraser has never given up on the search for the perfect word guess and Sui Generis proves that such dedication reaps rewards. What he has discovered is a natural principle that gets the participant to do the work for you. The effort he’s put into creating this method has given us a tool we can use with ease” Ross Tayler

Sui Generis

Propless Any Word Guess

Sui Generis is a breakthrough system for guessing any word entirely propless. It allows for what is essentially a mental billet peek, without the need for anything to be written down by your spectator. Fraser has searched for this work all of his life and is something he considers his best work to date and a crowning achievement in the mystery arts. 

There is very little process, everything is justified presentationally, the method is practically self working and will become second nature to perform with practice. This entirely new principle allows you to guess even the most obscure male or female names, objects, animals, drawings, countries and more … practically any word is possible to guess. 

In an attempt at full disclosure, this method is not intended to be used to guess words contained within an openly restricted field, such as star signs and numbers. There are other methods from Fraser that are better suited to guessing these types of information. 

There are no restrictions on the length of word you can guess, once you know the general category you are working with. It does not involve jumping through letters of the alphabet, any number to letter conversions or the “re-frame” principle, to make it work. It will work in any language that has an alphabet at its basis. 

What Fraser has discovered is a quick of psychology that allows you to effectively peer inside the mind of your spectator to know their thought processes. You will feel as if you can truly see into the mind of your spectator and read their thoughts; as this is exactly what you will be doing! 

It is incredibly easy to learn and to perform. In fact, when Fraser showed this to a few close friends they were able to begin to apply the principle right away and perform it back to him. Michael Murray proceeded to guess Fraser’s thought of Animal; for those who are curious, Fraser was thinking of a Giraffe. 

Sui Generis Hardback Book

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