Eleusis Marked Deck by Fraser Parker

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Easy to read from a distance and close up 


PDF Package Deal


Get Azlan REDUX, 3CSC, Null, Gestalt and Oculus 2 as PDFs for £60 


Lost Souls

Hardback book

Lost Souls will be Fraser’s last physical book release for quite some time, as he plans on transitioning to an entirely digital way of sharing his material with his students, via a subscription service. 



Card At Any Number

Azlan Redux is Fraser’s ultimate version for the ‘Card At Any Number’ plot. 



Propless Security Code Guess

In 3CSC Fraser teaches his prop-less method for divining a three digit security code made up by a spectator, otherwise known as a 3CSC or CVC number that would typically appear on the back of a credit or debit card.


Null PDF

Progressive Anagrams

In Null Fraser shares his work on the progressive anagram. However, as we have come to expect from his previous releases, this is not the standard fare or typical approach to this system. In fact, you wouldn’t even recognise the classic tool at play in these effects from the performance, unless their secrets were revealed to you fully.


God Mode Sui Generis 2

Hardback book and PDF

God Mode Sui Generis 2 contains two books in one. The first part of the book teaches various new prop-less principles, ideas and effects utilising colours, numbers and words to create miracles in the minds of those who you perform for. The second part of the book reveals Fraser’s latest work on his ground-breaking “Sui Generis” principle, as well as includes work from Ross Bartels and Perna, which detail various effects, ideas and uses for the principle.


Opus Discounted PDF

Digital Video Download

Opus contains over 8 hours of video teaching and performance of some of the best propless material created by Fraser. Including various peek methods and a two part interview. 



Propless Cue EMOG Principle

Gestalt is a groundbreaking new propless principle that allows you to secretly obtain a cue from your spectator. 


Oculus 2

Propless Date of Birth

Oculus 2 is an updated handling on the propless date of birth divination. Included are various direct propless methods, as well as as a streamline handling with playing cards. 


Sui Generis

Propless Any Word Guess Name Guess

Sui Generis is a breakthrough system for guessing any word entirely propless. It allows for what is essentially a mental billet peek, without the need for anything to be written down by your spectator.