“Fraser Parker is one of the finest thinkers and inventors in contemporary mentalism. If you are interested in practical, impressive effects based on subtlety and often breathtaking ingenuity, you will love his work.” – Ian Rowland Opus is a “master-class” from Fraser released in video format, detailing his unique approaches towards creating the illusion of real mind reading. In this DVD + video download, he outlines how he uses words to create shifts in perception in the minds of those who witness him perform in order to create the impossible, as well as detailing some of his more physical methods. This is the first time he has allowed his more exclusive or harder to find work to be released in this format – including the release of never before seen methods and effects, he never previously intended to share. You will receive a DVD containing all of the performance content for each of the effects taught as well as a password protected USB stick containing links to all of the explanations – plus, additional teaching that would be far too large to fit onto the DVD format. All of the files will also be available to stream and download, for those of you who prefer to be able to access their content on the move. Everything will be professionally shot in high-definition and with high quality sound. This set includes Fraser's most up-to-date thinking on various different premises, including methods he has not shared outside of his close circle of friends. Naturally, you will not only be learning effects but also many different principles and subtleties along the way. Fraser will also go off on tangents to discuss further methods and principles that may or may not be relevant to the specific piece he is explaining, at the time. It will be as if you are sat with Fraser in person, as he reveals his secrets to you. The second part of the project will contain  complete un-cut video performances of Fraser performing in the real world and will showcase how he combines prop-less with more standard methods in a close-up set, as well as how he handles any failure or misses that may occur, along the way. Fraser will also teach his philosophy towards performance and cover topics such as confidence, performance character, creating believability, compliance, making it work, covering failure, the justification for playing cards, reasons for spectators writing information down and more … There will also be jam sessions included on the project where Fraser and a few of his close friends get together on camera and share additional ideas. Effects include: LOST NAME OF GOD Never before seen or taught prop-less name guess. This is Fraser's ultimate version and what he feels will be his last word on this specific premise. This has never been shared anywhere previously. NO jumping through the letters of the alphabet or strange process for the spectator to follow. NO language restrictions. They focus on specific letters in their thought of name and then say out loud unrelated characteristics and traits they feel would describe the person they are focusing on and you are able to instantly divine the exact name they are focusing on. It takes less than a minute and is quicker than utilizing a billet. This is the perfect solution to this plot and the most streamline prop-less name guess ever conceived! AS ABOVE, SO BELOW Never before seen or released prop-less Star Sign guess. This method allows you to get down to two possible star signs which could belong to your spectator within thirty seconds of scripting and then nail their exact star sign after giving a brief reading. This is as direct a method as you can get for something which is actually incredibly indirect and because of its indirect nature, it will fly right past everyone. It is by far the quickest and most direct method Fraser has ever shared! NO language restrictions. NO hanging statements for which half of the year. NO anagrams or listing of star signs. You speak to the spectator briefly about the difference between guessing their star sign out-right and divining their sign via reading them and are now instantly down to two possible signs. DATE OF BIRTH Never before released prop-less Date of Birth revelation, utilizing the core method taught in the previous prop-less name guess. CAT'S CRADLE Fraser's streamline, prop-less Date of Birth revelation built around esoteric palmistry that involves the spectator counting on their fingers. TBOTF WHICH HAND? Fraser's highly praised prop-less, three phases which hand routine featured in his limited release The Book Of The Fallen. This is perhaps the last word on being able to perform this effect verbally. Of course, a coin or other small object is used for presentational purposes. However, the method in no way dictates that a prop needs to be used. This can be presented entirely mental with the spectator only imagining where they place the coin or object! NO electronics. NO gimmicks. NO logic puzzles. NO truth or liar. LIVING AND DEAD Never before seen or released prop-less way of performing this classic effect. This is powerful and could potentially make your spectator cry. Fraser will teach his powerful reveal which allows for a moral way to make it appear you can actually see the dead person the spectator is focusing on – as if they are stood in the room with you. Naturally, this method can be used within the context of other presentations that are not as emotionally charged for the spectator, if you are not comfortable performing it this way. YOKE Fraser's ground-breaking two person code system for transmitting a playing card to your accomplice based on an unreleased method from Peter Turner. This is the easiest, most simplified way of coding a playing card to your partner ever conceived that takes literally less than a minute to teach to your “would-be” accomplice. It has been designed to be remembered instantly, due to its simplicity and built-in memory pegs. This can be repeated multiple times for the same group of people and they will never discover the method! Your accomplice closes their eyes and turns away or can even leave the room. You then spread the deck on the table or in your hands towards a spectator. They point to a card at random and then thoroughly shuffle the deck. The deck is shuffled a little further as you take the cards back from the spectator and hand them to your accomplice, where they are now able to instantly spread through the deck and take out the playing card the spectator is merely focusing on. They can even be prompted to change their mind as much as they want before they commit to a card and will always accurately divine the spectator's thought of card. This is different from other two-person systems and can be performed entirely in silence! TWO PERSON CODE NAME GUESS Never before seen or released two person code for guessing the name a spectator is focusing on. This is beautiful! Again, this couldn't be more simplified or easier to teach your accomplice. They say one word and from this information, you will always be able to accurately guess the name your spectator is thinking of. You can teach your accomplice within one sentence how to code you the required information. It's such a simple instruction, it can be whispered to a random spectator within the course of a personal reading. This means you no longer need to already have an accomplice with you but can set this up with someone in the group you are performing for, on the fly and in front of everyone, without anyone being the wiser! Fraser will also teach his and Peter Turner's way of coding star signs to each other, which can be adapted to this effect. TWO PERSON PHONE UNLOCK CODE Transmit a phone unlock code or Date of Birth to your accomplice under the guise of performing a card effect to a different spectator. Again, this can be taught to your accomplice within less than a minute. THE DRAGON PEEK Fraser's way of obtaining a full billet peek of information written on either a playing card, stack of billets or business cards. Thanks to the psychology and the way this is structured there is absolutely no heat on the moment you obtain your peek. It is built into the structure of the routine and happens completely out in the open and right in front of everyone, hidden in plain sight –  meaning you can relax and focus on the performance. This is simple, elegant and easy to perform with the psychology doing most of the work for you. THE FOOL UNDER THE STARS Fraser teaches and discusses the structure and development of two of his favorite prop-less star sign divinations. In this section, he will teach THE FOOL WHO PERSISTS IN FOLLY, as well as his star sign guess taught in his limited release SONDER – which allows you to divine the star sign of your spectator conversationally and under the guise of giving a reading. This is what Fraser considers the best way to perform this modern classic and is how he feels a star sign divination should look and feel if you were to actually do it for real. I FALL TO PIECES, AGAIN Fraser teaches his various different versions of the prop-less Drawing Duplication including his streamlined BOLD DRAWING DUPE from The Book Of The Fallen. NOT, NOT THE ED MARLO SNAP CHANGE This is Fraser's never before seen method for obtaining what colour or item a spectator is focusing on after they change their mind multiple times. NO snapping of the fingers or overt control of the spectator. It will seem as if you can see inside your spectator's mind and access their thoughts in real time. MEMORIA, ONE Fraser's original method for revealing a thought of memory. Includes Peter Turner's variation taught in the original booklet. NO POCKET, POCKET WRITING This is Fraser's ingenious method for achieving the same effect as pocket writing, without needing to write anything in your pocket. In fact, everything is done right out in the open and hidden from the perception of your audience members, in plain sight! AND MORE These will be limited to only two hundred copies, to ensure Fraser's harder to find work stays exclusive – relative to the limited releases these effects appear in. This release will not conflict with the uploading of video content for The Book Of Angels, which will be filmed alongside this project and completed within the same time frame. These are expected to be ready to ship on or before the 6th of June 2019. Pre Order now to reserve your copy.