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Comply PDF

Comply contains breakthrough propless methods, principles and ideas created by Fraser during the first lock down period. 

Methods include: A propless way to force a two or single digit number which can be used to create a thought of card. This is a solid, mechanical method that lends itself to many different presentational angles. 

Two different methods that allow you to guess a spectator’s star sign. It is the principle that is interesting here. Imagine walking up up to a complete stranger and without ever needing to know their name or the amount of letters contained within it, they perform a simple addition arriving at a number relevant to their life and you will instantly know their star sign. 

You never mention that you will be revealing their star sign, so are free to do so whenever you wish during your set or performance.

Also included is an additional bolder method that is practically child’s play, Fraser’s two way billet out from Silent Poets and a simple way to code binary information to an assistant.  

Comply PDF

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£30 (Originally a £50 hardback book)