“This is great! It’s so clean” 
Peter Turner

“Fraser has really created a beautiful routine here with Azlan! As I worked through the piece I was laughing out loud at the brilliantly layered construction of this predicted card at number. I can’t wait to fool the crap out of people soon with this!”
 John Carey


Azlan is a completely hands off Card At Any Number utilising a standard deck of cards that can even be borrowed by the performer. The performer hands the spectator a deck of cards and the spectator shuffles the deck. 

Then holding the deck towards themselves, so that the performer cannot see anything, the spectator checks through the faces of the cards to ensure each and every one in the deck is different, taking out any Jokers that may be left in the deck in the process. 

They immediately place the deck face down onto the table in front of them. The deck remains untouched by the performer from this point onwards. 

Now that everything appears to be fair and above board, the performer proposes to show the spectator the difference between them trusting their intuition and just guessing. 

Accordingly, the spectator makes a guess on which card they think is at a random position in the deck. They then use their intuition to somehow know at what number (position) a card, currently unknown to them, resides at within the deck. Now comes the proof. 

First, they deal to the random number and are shown that the card they named via guess work does not reside at that position, proving that when they simply guess, they’re likely to be wrong, 

Then they pick up all of the cards being careful not to change their order and deal to the number they intuitively called out before. 

Amazingly, the card dealt to, using nothing but their own intuition, matches perfectly! 

This prediction can be written down ahead of time and even before the deck is handed to the spectator to shuffle. Alternatively, the prediction can be a duplicate card with a different colour back, placed inside a single envelope that is handed to your spectator before you begin the effect. 

It really is this clean and impossible looking. 

NO gimmicks.
NO stacks or difficult sleight of hand. 
NO language re-frames or dual reality. 
NO short cards or cutting of the deck. 

It is easy to learn and easy to perform! I am pleased to say this effect has fooled a few of my close friends in magic. 

In fact, it even fooled me when I went back and watched an older performance video of this that I had recorded as a note to myself. 

Azlan is a pdf sent to your email inbox within 12 hours of purchase